ENST Fall 2020 Course Schedule!

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{Course descriptions can be found on our Program page.}

ENST 110: Environment & Society (MW 3:30-4:45) Martha Weiss & Randall Amster (3 credits)

ENST 143: Representations of Extinction (TR 2:00-3:15; Core Pathways Mod A) Karen Shaup (1.5 credits) (HALC)

ENST 145: Climate Storytelling (TR 2:00-3:15; Core Pathways Mod B) Victoria Herrmann (1.5 credits) (HALC)

ENST 161: Urban Foraging and Ecology (M 2-3:15) Martha Weiss (1 credit)

ENST 220: Issues in Environmental Science (R 5:00-7:30) TBA (3 credits) (SFA)

ENST 242: Environmental Action Workshop (W 11-12:45) Randall Amster (2 credits)

ENST 290: Environmental Communication (T 5:00-7:30) Victoria Herrmann (3 credits)

ENST 383: ENST Journal Practicum (every other W 5:00-6:15) Randall Amster (1 credit)

{note: the ENST minor requires nine credits of electives, which can be compiled in any configuration, from 1-credit to 3-credit courses}